2015 Wedding Trends

Wedding trends come and go, but if you are getting married this year, you are sure to want to know what the latest trends are. Whether you allow yourself to simply get inspired by them or you take the trend and run with it, making your wedding into that perfect day for you and your significant other is essential. What are some of the top wedding trends for 2015?

Coloring Your World

The 2014 wedding season included lots of creams, pinks, and whites, and this trend is going to continue, except that the colors may be even more muted. Less color pops will be found in 2015, but 2016 may bring some bolder colors back into the wedding scene.
Sparkle and Shine

Due to the fact that more muted colors are in style for 2015, the sparkle and shine factor via glitter is going to increase. Bridesmaids may carry pale colored flowers, but they will be in gowns of sparkling sequins and even head to toe glittery magic. In addition, there will be chiffons that are more muted that can be enhanced with a glittery belt, shoes, or even headpiece.

Flowery Beauty

Popular flowers for the spring will be hydrangea, sweet peas, spray roses, peonies, and garden roses in pale pinks and white. They will be seen in more metallic vases and with some beautiful glittery details. Classic will be the name of the game as far as flowers in the summer and fall. Baby’s breath is going to continue its popularity and be seen quite a bit as well.
Wedding Gowns

What is in store for the bride who wants to be on top of the trends? Off the shoulder gowns are the biggest thing right now, with very classic and clean lines. Due to the fact that many brides are choosing to not be married in churches, covering the shoulders is not as important. Some designers have offered the look of off the shoulder with dainty lace sleeves to help you to feel more covered. Blue is a big color, as is party fringe as an added detail. Whether you want to be more traditional or contemporary, the trends are offering something for everyone.

Food Trends

Food is a must in any wedding reception and many couples are moving from the formal dinner to a more comfort food option. Macaroni and cheese, soups, and more rustic fare is really trendy right now, as is tasting stations, where a variety of food is offered in smaller amounts, and locally sourced and seasonal foods. Food trucks are a contemporary choice that many are choosing. Pretty much whatever you want can be made trendier with the many different ways that it can be served and fixed.

Weddings are just one day, but they take so much more time to plan. By looking at the trends for 2015, you can determine what direction that you want to go to make your day into the one of your dreams. Saying “I do” is just a part of the day. Making it a day to remember can be a priceless memory that you will have forever.